E-Rubber®, Bolflex’s ecological line


Surplus from sole production, cork or even rice grains. These are the materials that can compose an E-Rubber® sole, idealized and created by Bolflex. Therefore, it’s ecological, up to 70% recycled, 100% recyclable and vegan.

Actually, the idea appeared as a way of reusing end-of-life materials, already considered as “garbage” and, with this in mind, contributing to a decrease in the ecological footprint plus providing an ecological product to our customers.

The E-Rubber® is the ecological line from Bolflex with the following characteristics:

  • It has up to 70% of recycled materials;
  • It’s 100% recyclable;
  • Allows an excellent drawing performance;
  • Has very high quality and Bolflex’s exclusivity;
  • It’s 100% vegan.

In fact, the sustainability and veganism concepts as a lifestyle are getting more and more strength every day, not only in what concerns food habits but also applied to the industry and big brands.

That is why, on a personal level, it’s important to be conscious of how the goods we consume and use daily are produced.

Vegan vs. Traditional: what’s the most sustainable? The answer is not that obvious.

There is, nowadays, a global movement that is reflected in the effort by the fashion and footwear industries to, essentially, minimize as far as possible the pollutant components and of animal origin from their products. So, this means that the companies that perform in this market are concerned with the sustainability of their products. However, the most eco-friendly and cruelty-free fashion company might not be exactly the most balanced regarding resource usage. The numbers show that, for example, PVC, despite being vegan – its production doesn’t use any animal component – it’s not the most sustainable. Why? Because this material uses around 40% petroleum in its composition and this is a non-sustainable component in which production and extraction seriously endanger the environment.

Balance and consciousness are the keys to a sustainable lifestyle

In this way, in the fashion and footwear industry, both producers and consumers must be aligned regarding 3 specific factors that guarantee sustainability and the use of materials that don’t affect animals:

  • Quality should be the focus, though a decrease in the production amount may occur or even in the frequency with which it occurs;
  • A clean system of production that doesn’t hurt or has a negative impact on the planet;
  • A transparent production, that assures fair and just work conditions.

In this regard, there should be a level of balance and awareness both for producers and consumers. Therefore, only in this way the sustainable, ecological and vegan lifestyle, can thrive in order not to damage the environment and the living beings.

Bolflex reunites all the conditions to consider itself sustainable and vegan

In Portugal, there are more and more innovative and sustainable ideas in the fashion business. Bolflex also wants to take part in this movement of change and examples like the brand E-Rubber®, alongside with our factory that reuses and recycles waste materials – Rubber Link® – place our company on the map of sustainable initiatives on a national level.

Learn more about this and other Bolflex concepts at www.bolflex.pt.