Our focus on sustainable growth.

Drives us to be a more efficient and effective company in terms of environmental responsibility.


Since 1992 BOLFLEX has been working to reduce its environmental carbon footprint, permanently concerned with the environment and the future of the planet.
In recent years we have made a huge progress on waste management and consequent reduction of such through the development and acquisition of rubber injection machines, cutting in half the waste inherent to the manufacture of soles.

We are in accordance with the following regulations:
ISO2871-Met. B-2008 / EN ISO 20872-2001 / PT ISO17707-2003 / PT ISO20871-2001 / REACH.

BOLFLEX follows a practice with 3 keywords which it believes to be crucial for a better environment:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

With those environmental concerns in mind, BOLFLEX has developed 2 products:

– Our unique Eco-friendly sole, based on natural products, hence its deterioration shall not pollute the environment;

– Our recycled sole, produced with 70% of recycled rubber. It is a pure innovation product and follows every regulations, rules and guidelines of the Portuguese Footwear Technology Centre.