Exclusivity for all our customers


At Bolflex we have more than 2.500 registered molds. In activity we count about 500 collections of soles. Besides, at Bolflex we personalize each project, according to the customer needs – from conception stage until the final product. That is why the exclusivity factor is a huge deal and something that Bolflex is proud of: all molds of soles are properly registered and ready to be used by our clients.


All molds of soles are properly registered and ready to be used by our clients. This demands a big effort from our side, since, per year, it’s necessary to produce around 3.5M pairs. More than that: for Bolflex, the exclusivity factor it’s a huge deal and something that makes us proud.

To be better is, and will always be Bolflex’s top priority

It’s in our DNA to be better. It’s also in our soles and in the way we face the future. The truth is, the will of improving our products made us experiment with new ways of producing different kinds of soles: from lighter and comfortable to the resistant and ecological ones. At Bolflex we’ve created new concepts and guarantee the exclusivity of all of our molds and materials.

We’ve initiated this process through the contact with suppliers that encouraged us to search for different materials that required a certain kind of machinery. In this way, we were able to enhance our own development capacity while ensuring the exclusivity of all the new pairs of soles we produce. 

At Bolflex, we’re equipped with the highest technology in our internal labs where we develop new formulas with materials that allow us to join a set of features that only we – and our clients – have exclusive access to.

So, at Bolflex there are 6 exclusive materials available that distinguish us from other sole producers in the market:

1. B-Light®, the perfect harmony between lightness and resistance

Since at Bolflex we invest in high-end technology, we developed in the lab a lighter material although with high resistance characteristics and thus created a unique material – the B-Light®. It came to life in 2015 and consists of a lighter formulation, just like thermoplastics or EVA, but with high resistance rubber features. Besides, the B-Light® soles, exclusively from Bolflex, guarantee:

  • A better design definition;
  • More lightness;
  • A high index of abrasion resistance;
  • Low rate of sole aging during its life cycle;
  • High level of comfort;

2. T-Gel®: comfort in the first place

It’s the number one request for us – producers [and consumers] of footwear. Although it’s quite common in the footwear industry, the thermoplastic rubber is not typically the most comfortable one. Or, at least, it wasn’t. Because our T-Gel formulations are really comfortable.

3. Lightness has a surname: X-Light®

At Bolflex we choose the best materials and follow the ultimate market trends creating the best collections with an updated design and innovative patterns, with the purpose of improving the performance of our materials. So, at Bolflex we’ve combined comfort, quality, and ergonomics to ultra-light thermoplastic and created the X-Light® sole.

4. What if we combine lightness and comfort? Challenge accepted and completed!

We’ve created an ultra-light sole. We’ve developed a super comfortable sole. And why not an ultra-light and super comfortable one, altogether? That was exactly our thought. We’ve tested, developed and tested again and again till we registered thermoplastic rubber we baptized as T-Light®.

5. We knew the importance of a safe sole and developed the SBR Advanced

Each client has its own requirements and, at Bolflex, we’re very pleased to accept the most complex challenges when it comes to producing molds which materials requirements are very specific. 

We’ve created safety-based soles with high-performance features for the most diverse work situations – either hospitals, restaurants, mechanical workshops or fire stations that have particular demands that have to be fulfilled in a way to create a protection against the wear of the sole, regardless of its use.

Our SBR Advanced are:

  • Anti-oils;
  • Anti-statics;
  • Anti-slip;
  • Resistant to heat and high temperatures.

6. E-Rubber: sustainability is here to stay

It is definitely a concept that made quite an entrance to our daily lives at Bolflex, motivated by our concern in making a contribution to protecting the environment. Besides, it’s a new concept and so we’ve decided to register the E-Rubber® as a brand. The notion is simple: to make the most sustainable sole possible, with 70% of recycled rubber, through the formulation of new materials, 100% recycled and recyclable such as:

  • Devulcanized rubber;
  • Cork;
  • Granules from other soles;
  • Rice grains;
  • Other materials;

Therefore, this sole is 100% vegan, making the E-Rubber® free from animal source components.

There are more than 2.500 and they are all registered by Bolflex. We’re talking about soles models, of course.

The ready-to-go concept always pushed us to develop soles that are ready, tested and able to be used by our clients that also allow to:

  • Reduce production wait times;
  • Avoid too many bureaucracies;
  • Avoid extra costs.

Naturally, with this in mind, at Bolflex we’ve decided to provide protection for our customers and register all the models that we produce in the factory.

We renew our collections of soles every 5 years so we managed to put together a stock of models perfectly ready to be used by the clients, with our exclusivity warranty.

We produce soles that, whether or not used to integrate a collection, always have our registration. Taking into account that each mold entails a €1500 cost for its register, and considering also that at Bolflex we develop, every 6 months, 30 to 40 new molds, it’s easy to know that the cost is very high.

But it’s the only way we’re able to guarantee the exclusivity of our soles.

We know the importance of exclusive concepts in the footwear industry

Besides the thousands of soles, we produce in a simple way, we do like to accept new challenges. And the more complicated the best.

The exclusive concepts are, in fact, created from the specifications of each one of our customers: in the production of soles, we always keep in mind the other materials that are going to incorporate the entire shoe. We’re aware that one’s feet must be in contact with a softer and comfortable material and, in order to achieve that, we attend to all of the preferences and requirements of our clients.

We create specific concepts and, naturally, exclusive for each client’s demands. At Bolflex, we have the capacity to develop, from the beginning, a distinctive proposal not only in terms of technical materials for the sole production but also in terms of design, always with the specific features for each client.

We’re aware of the industry’s latest trends, so we make that connection between what’s trendy and what can be made according to customer’s requests.

Also, we advise in terms of project development in order to guarantee that each idea and project can flourish with the innovation and quality that it deserves.

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