How do we, after 27 years, continue to innovate in the footwear industry?


What happened in the world 27 years ago? The Maastricht Treaty was signed in Europe. Bosnia & Herzegovina became an independent country. Barcelona watched the inauguration of the Olympic games. Bill Clinton won the USA elections. And, in Portugal, Bolflex was founded.

We know we can’t standstill. This is our culture and it’s in our DNA. It’s also the reason why Bolflex continues to innovate, day after day, to add value to the shoe industry and also keep up with the big international changes.


Therefore, for us, innovation is the motor that allows us to be in the vanguard of the footwear industry. We believe that innovation lies, mostly, in people and we can prove it through the following examples:

Innovation was the beginning, new formulations were the result 

Unconformity or, maybe, fear of stagnancy always motivated us to experiment, try, reformulate, repeat, challenge and even turn around what looked impossible. That’s how we achieved new formulations – developed and certified by Bolflex’s labs, with specifications that assure high-quality levels for the soles we produce – from the lightest to the most comfortable and durable, like for example the B-Light®, a successful Bolflex product.

Equipment that allows us to easily innovate

Whether in production, finishes, in the laboratory or even in the sampling phase, at Bolflex we have machinery that allows us to be equipped with the most cutting-edge technology. In this way, we consider that, actually, the equipment enables us to get creative and innovate, even if that requires an extra cost. 

Freedom to create, test, make mistakes and test again

Inherent to Bolflex’s foundation, the goal of constantly evolving, adapted to our techniques, work methods, perspectives, and materials are still very present nowadays.

That is why we encourage our employees to create and innovate, without any type of barriers. Today, like 27 years ago.

Rubber Link® and E-Rubber® are the purest results of our innovation ability

We looked for solutions for rubber wastes and created Rubber Link – the factory created exclusively to recycle excessive production. So, we went a bit further and innovated, also, in the creation of an ecological brand, the E-Rubber®, that takes advantage of the sole production surplus, truly sustainable and 100% vegan. 

Necessity is the mother of invention

We’re aware that machine versatility and the latest technology allow us to do some crazy things. However, we believe that innovation is in people and without them, no machine would produce the most innovative products.

Naturally, we know that curiosity, the will of making more and better, the search for innovative ways of developing certain material, the capacity to resist and insist are an integral part of our collaborator’s characteristics. Characteristics inherent in all departments, since the day Bolflex was founded.

So, driven by Bolflex’s founder adaptability and breakthrough, this culture deployed in the company and forces us to go beyond, make, make and make.

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