How do we know the trends for each collection? We reveal our secret


The greatest expression of creations and trends is in Paris, Milan, New York, London or even in Barcelona. But it’s also in Portugal, more precisely in Felgueiras. Where? – At Bolflex.


It’s true, we buy shoes all over the world: we go to Milan, Florence, New York, London, and Barcelona. Therefore, we go wherever it takes to inspire ourselves with the market trends and, with this, incorporate the footwear industry news in our products and inside Bolflex’s culture. This is our market research method.

100 thousand euros per year for the purchase of new shoes

We buy, per year, between 200 to 250 pairs of shoes, in two periods: in Winter and Summer – between December/January and July/August, respectively. So, we travel through the major capitals in Europe, passing by the American continent and Asia too.

Also, there’s always something new to see. This is Bolflex’s philosophy that has been aware of the trends for 27 years. In this way, we are aware of the market trends for several reasons: 

  • Bolflex is attentive to details, on the subject of construction or material, concerning footwear manufacturing;
  • Invest a lot of time finding the right places where we find the most innovative and avant-garde footwear;
  • 100 thousand euros per year are invested in buying new shoes;
  • Our customers and suppliers encourage our search for particular products and materials, existing, therefore, a balance amongst our research and what the clients want;
  • This is the way we found to be one step forward in terms of soles finishes and materials.

250 pairs of world shoes in one showroom

This is, primarily, a work tool for Bolflex and it’s also an accessible asset for the clients that visit us. In fact, there are multiple advantages:

  1. We leave a showroom at the client’s disposal – with biannual collections – with 200 to 250 shoes;
  2. We are available to help and direct our customers in terms of market trends;
  3. Through the One Stop Shop [LINK PARA ARTIGO ONE STOP SHOP] and with these footwear collections, the client is able to experiment, test, handle, question and work with us in only one space;
  4. Ease in verifying the fitting of Bolflex’s molds with certain uppers

Thus, we invite all shoe producers to visit, try out and test and also to be inspired by the latest trends from the shoe collections we have available in the factory.

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