Materials, ideas, and molds that are endless. All tailor-made


We renovate our collections every 5 years and the numbers are not deceiving: 2.500 tested and registered in stock molds that can be opened for a new collection; and more than 500 collections of active molds. There are options for everyone.


The panorama intensifies with the diversity of materials that we develop in our lab at Bolflex. We own a huge variety of choice and here are the reasons:

1. The rubber – recyclable and traditional – is the queen, but there are also the thermoplastics – light and comfortable

Raw materials have the power here at Bolflex. We like to innovate and develop new materials in the lab, which formulations we provide to our clients. There was an extra step in the fight for Nature’s preservation and we reached the 100% recycled rubber.

But Bolflex soles are not only made from rubber: there is a vast array of thermoplastics that, besides our exclusive formulations, bring a comfortable and light feel to the shoes.

Exclusive, tested and registered: we talk about Bolflex formulations.

Our formulations have Bolflex exclusivity and warranty and different characteristics that increase the options regarding the choice of a sole that matches each project:

  • B-Light: our light but resistant formulation;
  • T-Gel: the ultra-comfortable line from Bolflex;
  • X-Light: synonym of lightweight, this line reunites comfort with the quality from thermoplastics;
  • T-Light: ultra-light and ultra-comfortable;
  • SBR Advanced: highly resistant, this is the anti-oil, anti-static and non-slippery item;
  • E-Rubber: the brand where the recyclable materials are even more diversified and go from cork to rice grain.

2. Transforming ideas into reality

We enjoy working with each client in a personalized way, providing not only our 2.500 mold catalog of already produced and registered products, but also consulting to design and evaluate, alongside with the client, a product among the 500 collections that we have active.

Afterall, it’s a complete job: from consulting in the conceiving stage of the idealized design until the research of the best material to incorporate in the sole that will be produced.

3. There are also shoes at Bolflex, around 250 a year

In fact, aware of the importance of trends in the footwear market, we have the will and pleasure to research, all over the world, the most recent collections. We go to fairs, stores, and exhibitions looking for the trendsetters that direct us to the latest trends regarding materials, patterns, and designs.

In addition, the approximately 250 pairs of shoes that we buy annually are available so that our clients can try out, test and mastermind their ideal shoe in accordance with the Bolflex soles they’ve chosen. 

4. If you don’t find yours here, we’ll tailor it

Apart from this, we develop from the start the most diverse molds with the most distinct materials and formulations, adapted to the customer’s ideas. There is a big concern in monitoring the entire creative process so that we build a product absolutely customized.

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