Our art of making people happy… At work


There are 3 things that make employees feel absolutely and totally accomplished and happy at work: having a meaningful vision of the future, having a purpose and establish great connections. Therefore, at Bolflex we share the same opinion and are on the right track to raise Portugal to the podium regarding the countries whose workers have a positive index of happiness. How? That’s what we explain next:

Happy people, inside and outside Bolflex


Our ambition is to contributing to the actual 116 Bolflex employees to be professional and happy, inside and outside the company. Therefore, we have the concern and responsibility of creating a healthy balance between the personal and professional life of our collaborators. We also cultivate an environment where people, that every day dedicate themselves and their work hours to our cause, can feel happy and accomplished.

We’re available for any request or support – professional, social or even financial. 

Here are some examples of our practices regarding Bolflex’s key asset – our employees:

  • Wages in day are the number one concern at Bolflex, they are also a reason for pride since its foundation;
  • We support, in the personal sphere, employees that look for us with this aim;
  • Independence and autonomy of our collaborators: we believe in each one’s responsibility and in each team as a whole;
  • We are 100% available for any doubt, solicitation, conversation or exchange of ideas from any collaborator. A cross-sectional bidirectional measure is applied to all the departments, including the firm’s management.

in this way, we seek to be available to listen to everyone at any time and make them feel good at Bolflex, so that work can flow in a healthy and productive way.

At Bolflex there are rewards, team-building events and even codfish for Christmas!

We want our employees to create bonds and, for that, we organize, annually, three social events that promote the good relationship among all the employees from the multiple departments: the summer gathering, the Christmas party and the celebration of the company’s birthday.


Besides the team-building activities, we awarded, in 2016 (commemorative date of Bolflex’s 25 years), the employees that have been working for 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years in the company. Alongside these actions, we offer, at Christmas time, a basket that contains the traditional codfish, wine, sparkling wine, chocolates, and other products, so that our employees can enjoy a special day.

We support, throughout the year, sports and social associations 

We intend to create a positive impact in the community we are in and, so, we support a variety of institutions at a regional level:

  • Cycling teams
  • Volleyball teams
  • Nursing homes
  • Associations of support for persons with disabilities
  • Shoe design schools

Apart from this, we raised, in 2018, money to buy and donate toys to the Portuguese Oncology Institute in Porto.

Bolflex’s mountain biking team


There are several enthusiasts of this sport inside Bolflex, and, with that in mind, we decided to contribute not only for the baptism of the team but also to finance their equipment and tournaments transportation.

In this sense, we seek to open the doors and support the causes that reach the company.

In addition to this, the more than 200 shoes we buy annually, eventually end up by not serving as a working instrument and, therefore, we offer them to our employees, customers or external partners. Like this, besides recycling these products since we won’t use them, we also contribute to the well being of the ones who receive them.

In this way we meet our motto: give something extra to the community than just a shoe sole. That’s what we’ve been doing through this (almost) 28 years of history.

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