BOLFLEX has its own lab

wholly equipped with the most recent machinery, in order to ensure a full control of the quality of the raw material and products. Relies on technicians qualified to operate all the necessary equipment and procedures, always considering the demands of the clients as well as the current legislation. Among other skills, we are certified to conduct tests and trials of tensile strength, abrasion resistance and bending tests.


We develop and supply soles according to the specifications and requirements of our customers so that we can offer permanent solutions and improvements. We also consider it of great importance to build strong partnerships with customers and suppliers for a relationship that is focused on the return of both, win/win

We are equally determined in terms of human resources. Bolflex is quite dedicated to the promotion of awareness of subcontracted employees.

Promote the conscience of the employees, outsourcers and suppliers to the adoption of environmental best practices.

We are focused on finding measures to control the adverse environmental impacts, pointing out the continuous effort to minimize the rubber waste, as well as the proper storage and handling of products potentially dangerous for the environment.

Guarantee the accordance with the legal requirements applicable to the environment and to BOLFLEX products.

Ensure the functioning of a Quality and Environmental Management System, according toNP EN ISO 9001 and NP EN ISO 14001, guaranteeing that the specified requirements are met and aiming for the continuous improvement of its effectiveness.