What’s the factor that contributes the most to production quality?


Someone asked us what it means, to us, quality. They’ve asked us even what have Bolflex done on behalf of the quality that defines us. “The best ally of quality is, effectively, the human factor, more precisely happy people at work”, that’s what we replied.


But there are other aspects that contribute to the quality of our products and the relations that we establish with our employees, the community we belong to, and, naturally, our business partners.

So, here we consider 3 factors that contribute to Bolflex’s quality:

1. People, people and people in first place

We know that happy people make a company thrive, in terms of quality, not only from the products but also in what concerns the relations established inside and outside of the institution. Therefore, we’re aware that happy people work in a more dedicated and smooth way, show more openness and availability and these are, as a matter of fact, aspects that make all the difference at the end of the day.

Besides the motivation and personal satisfaction that already integrates our culture for 27 years, there is at Bolflex a huge sense of social responsibility, that spreads across all the departments of the company. We’re proud of our social causes that we support throughout the year, in order to play a positive role in the development of the community we’re in. And this is, therefore, a reason for pride for the people who collaborate with us.

2. We raise quality standards through technological innovation, certificates, and environmental responsibility

One of the factors that raise the quality standards at Bolflex reflects itself through the investment in innovative technology that, since always was incorporated in the company. With this in mind, it’s relevant to mention the following equipment that guarantees the quality of our soles:

  • Laser engraving machines;
  • 3D printers for models;
  • CNC machinery for molds;
  • Cutting machines that guarantee the perfection of the soles;
  • Robots that ensure the uniformization in the soles finishing: painting with matte effect;
  • Scales that assure the correct number of products to be delivered to the customer;
  • A lab with the ability to identify, with the client, the values in terms of quality control at the level of the tests carried out – abrasion, grip, flexing and tearing.

Alongside innovating in the use of technology for creating and developing new soles, Bolflex is also certified in two parameters:

  • Quality with ISO 9001:2015
  • Product: REACH


Apart from this, there is at Bolflex a very sharp environmental responsibility, since our foundation. For this, we presented a group of certificates that act in conformity with the required standards and assure the quality of our creations with a reduced ecological footprint. Thus, we are in compliance with the Green Label, that distinguishes us in the following norms:

  • ISO 14001:2015, that evaluates Bolflex’s environmental impact;
  • REACH Compliant, a European regulation that analyzes the use of chemical substances and their potential impact on the ecosystem and in public health.

3. How do we measure Bolflex’s quality standards?

We believe that, besides human resources, investing in high technology and having certificates of environmental performance, our services are an integral part of the quality of our product.

That said, we put on the table 5 of the reasons that contribute to the quality of our services:

  • Our availability
  • The constancy of our product, which is reflected, consequently, in the constancy of our client’s project;
  • The flexibility we demonstrate in several production stages of the soles;
  • Our speed of service;
  • Consultancy we offer our customers: there’s always a solution at Bolflex and if there isn’t we’ll create it.

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