Why are we the major producers of injection rubber in Portugal?


We are the company in Portugal which has the largest capacity for rubber injection 65% of Bolfex’s production is dedicated to rubber. Therefore, we are able to produce around 20.000 pairs, a day, using the most diverse materials. These numbers demand from us a huge investment, effort and, mostly, the audacity to adapt and innovate.

In conclusion, those are some of the reasons that explain why Bolflex has an outstanding production capability. But there’s more:

1. We produce 1.200 molds per year

At Bolflex we take care of all the development and production processes of a sole internally, from the conception to the transportation (local) of the pairs that are ready to be used by our clients.

Naturally, since we do it on an internal level, we manage to have better control of all production phases, whether it’s in the 3D graphics conception stage or even in the creation of the mold with different kinds of finishings and materials.

Specifically in mold production, at Bolflex we have available a group of 5 CNC machines that allow us to produce 1.200 molds per year.

2. 32 points of rubber injection and 16 for rubber compression

Bolflex is equipped with the largest rubber injection production line in Portugal. Around 65% of our production concerns rubber application:

  • 32 stations correspond to the rubber injection production line;
  • 16 are intended for the application of rubber through the bicolor compression method.

We also own other equipment for soles production in B-Light® and TR.

3. Bolflex produces 10.000 of samples every month

Before the production of a sole, Bolflex has even the internal capacity to develop prototypes and, later on, samples to evaluate our client’s idea in the precise moment before the mass production of the chosen mold. Over and above, we provide a metalworking area fully equipped to perform all the necessary adjustments to the mold.

That is why Bolflex can produce 10 thousand soles samples, for a month, in rubber and in TR.

Follow the link to know more about Bolflex: www.bolflex.pt.